Mr. Ashtar Ausaf Ali , Attorney General of Pakistan


Message by Minister

The increasing trade liberalization and global competition have made better productivity and energy cost reduction as important benchmarks for economic success. The energy sector policy goals and concepts have shifted from quantum of energy inputs to the effectiveness of energy use and services. It is therefore important that low hanging fruits of rational use of energy are harvested to the full. Rational use implies adopting energy efficiency and conservation practices in all energy consuming sectors of economy. The expected increase in the energy demand due to growing population, urbanization and technological advancements asserts for timely actions to plan, develop and manage the resources for futuristic requirements.

The National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) deserves appreciation for having taken the initiative to develop and launch various interventions to startup energy efficiency drive in various sectors.This was a daunting task in the absence of a fully functional Authority and being Chairman of the NEECA Board, I assure full support to mainstream energy efficiency in all core activities

Mr. Ashtar Ausaf Ali

Attorney General of Pakistan